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Rage Alliance selects its best resources to promote companies in the field and via video conference, close to potential clients in order to guarantee that the pre-sale is successfully completed. A Business Development Project allows companies to have access to Five Thousand Miles’ local teams and infrastructure, which facilitate contacts and meetings with validated buyers, distributors and importers


Rage alliance prepares the best business trips with pre-scheduled local and videoconference meetings with potential clients in the target markets with premium support from our team at all times. A Business Trip includes all the transportation in the target markets, accommodation at a five-star hotel, as well as exclusive local leisure activities..

“What gives me the most encouragement is having the opportunity to leave my comfort zone, always with the support of the Rage alliance’ structure and, above all, of the CEO, who created in me the opportunity to stay ahead of that which could become one of the biggest markets for Rage alliance.

Enayon Anthony

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